• October 2017
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Keepers I have lost count of the number of relatives, friends, and others who have had a positive impact on my life and how they have played a part of who I am today. I cannot explain how grateful I am to all of those people and I realize more and more how important it is to have solid people keep me and push me to be the best that I can be.

I am a son, a brother, a friend, a lover a many things, a keeper of many, one who is kept by many more, a follower of Christ, and one who desires experiencing life to the full every day. I am all of things because I am kept by so many. First of all, the Lord is my keeper and has placed countless keepers in my life. In my mind, a keeper is one who comes along side of you and protects, but at the same time, pushes and encourages you. A keeper will be right behind you at all times, ready to take on challenges together and fight through trials.

My Dad has always been my biggest keeper in my opinion. He has always encouraged me in everything that I attempt and is willing to challenge me in my growth as a believer and what that looks like in the world today. I also think of my older brothers, including my actual brother Sam, and how they have always taught me to be tough and what it means to live a faithful life as a young man. I think of my girlfriend Claire and how she has encouraged and pushed me to realize the power of God’s grace in my life and the lives of others. These are just a few examples but my hope is that one day I will be able to a keeper similar to the ones that kept me.

Not only have all my keepers made me who I am today, but they have also played a part in what I believe and why. I believe all kinds of things in terms of my relationship with Christ and that life is an amazing gift that we need to both cherish and put into action. I believe that, if we put more emphasis on enjoying the gift of life, we will be able to live it more fully.

I think it is a human tendency to be comfortably mediocre and that can play into the way that we live our lives all the time. We do everyday tasks just so that we can cross them off our to-do list instead of investing time and effort into doing everything with excellence. This is yet another way to appreciate the gift of life and is something I still need to work on, but I am convinced that it will make a difference in the way I deal with relationships, challenges, and other important things in my life. I hope that I can become a keeper of many and have a positive impact on the lives of others just like the ones who impacted me.

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